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Silver Star Diner
(30-40 seats)

Silver Eagle Diner
(50-60 seats)

Silver Eagle Star
(50 seats)

Silver Eagle Junior
(35-40 seats)

Classic Diner
(80-90 seats)

Dinermite-120 Diner
(110-120 seats)

Dinermite-140 Diner
(130-140 seats)

Dinermite-160 Diner
(150-160 seats)

Classic Stainless Steel Diners, Inc.

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Classic Stainless Steel Diners

Sold in the United States and Internationally.

Dinermite Diners, NEW Stainless Steel Diners for Sale.

Seat 30 to 160 customers in our 1950s style diners.

We sell the famous Great American Classic Stainless Steel 50's modular diner! We provide the highest quality construction and over 50 years of diner manufacturing experience.diner for sale

Dinermite Diners Inc. sells a complete turn key diner and restaurant opportunity. We are NOT a franchise and don't require you to buy protective territories! You pay no royalties and no preset advertising fees. You can serve whatever food you wish and set your own hours of operation. If you are searching for the Great American Diner for sale; we are the leader in modular diner sales in the United States and for export to the following countries:

Diner sales to Canada, Mexico, Panama, England, United Kingdom, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain,Belgium, Ecuador, Phillippines, Denmark, Indonesia, Portugal, etc..

If you currently own, or are considering a conventionally built diner or restaurant, give us the opportunity to present our modular diner construction. Whether it's a restaurant, stainless steel diner, convenience store, etc., we can probably get it for you faster, with less hassle and at a total lower cost! Buying a Stainless Steel Diner has never been easier.

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Dinermite Diners is the leading manufacturer in modular classic stainless steel diners and is based in Atlanta Georgia. Our modular design offers a lower cost and easy location or relocation in the future. View our DINER INSTALLATION page to see how we ship and set up your NEW stainless steel diner. Click here to view diner installation Gallery.

We manufacture and sell the Silver Star Diner, Silver Eagle Diner, Silver Eagle Star Diner, Silver Eagle Junior Diner, Dinermite Classic Diner, Classic 120 seat Diner, Classic 140 seat Diner, Classic 160 seat Diner, and any custom diner or restaurant required by the client.

You may view our New Diners for Sale page for more 50's diner sales information.diners for sale


You can see the quality in our diner images and why we have been the leader in United States Diner Sales for over 50 years now. Please view all of our different diner models and call us with any questions or specific diner design needs.

Thank you for visiting dinermite.com; your diner sales company.


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